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At Broussard Financial Group, we are dedicated to helping you with your financial planning and investment needs. As one of the only Fee-Only financial firms in the Lafayette, Louisiana area, we pride ourselves on delivering sophisticated portfolio management and holistic wealth management services, while also building strong personal relationships with our clients.


We are 100% focused on our clients’ needs, and truly believe that your investment and financial plan should revolve around you. As a Fee-Only firm, we have a fiduciary responsibility to always place your interests ahead of our own.


Our mission is simple: we help you to reduce risk while enhancing overall returns, so that you can live a more enjoyable life with a little help from smarter investment portfolios.


At Broussard Financial Group, we use a three step Planning Process:

1- Assess

We visit with you to understand your wants, needs and wishes. We begin every relationship the old fashioned way with a one- on- one conversation. We’ll discuss your needs, wants, and fears. Then, we get more detailed - diving into your timelines and objectives. This allows us to find out where you are and where you want to go. After that, we’ll help you put our plan of attack in place. See our BFG Planning Chart for more details

2- Implement

We will provide you with an action plan to put your plan into motion. When it’s time to put your plan in motion, we will provide you with a step by step checklist on what you need to do to make your plan a reality. Using Modern Portfolio Theory, we diversify across asset classes to help reduce risk and whenever possible we suggest low cost index funds or ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds).

3- Monitor

We continuously evaluate how you’re tracking towards your goals. The markets will go up and they will go down. The one thing that won’t change is our commitment to monitoring your plan and continuously evaluating how you’re tracking towards your goals. We’ll uncover insights. We’ll help you make adjustments. We’ll always make sure you know where you stand when it comes to your future.


After working years scrimping and saving and building their retirement savings, many baby boomers come close to retirement and realize they need professional financial help. Eventually, many feel that the best fit for them would be to chose a financial planner that is not paid by commission. That is where we, Broussard Financial Group, come in to help.

Typical baby boomers have three major concerns: how and when to draw from their savings to supplement their retirement, making sure their money will last throughout their lifetime, and assistance on figuring out which investments would be a good fit for their risk tolerance situation. At Broussard Financial Group, we provide systemized plans to help our clients meet these objectives. By the end of our third meeting, we present a written financial plan that will accomplish all of their goals. Often times, we even address issues they haven’t even heard about!


Many women will go through a trying time when they are suddenly alone, and have many decisions to make both financially and emotionally. At Broussard Financial Group, we have roughly 50% of our practice devoted to assisting women who have been widowed or divorced. With this experience, you can be assured that we will be your resource with answers when you need them. Some questions may arise: How will I retire on my own? How much do I need to save? What type of accounts should I be putting my money into? At Broussard Financial Group, we are knowledgeable in providing you with the right answers to best meet your specific financial situation. We are confident in helping you through this journey.


Business owners have many concerns outside of simply running the day- to- day operations of their business. As a business owner myself, I can identify with your everyday expectations and practice. Some common questions are prominent: How can I reduce my tax costs? How do I make sure my company continues after I am gone? What is the best way to plan for retirement? At Broussard Financial Group, we are non- commissioned advisors, dedicated to helping you every step of the way. We provide a written financial plan from a Certified Financial Planner Professional answering all of your questions, and guide you through all the steps required to accomplishing your goals.

A "Systems Approach" To Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the development and implementation of a coordinated plan for the achievement of your overall financial objectives. Whether these objectives may include investment management, tax and retirement planning, or estate planning, at Broussard Financial Group, we consider the relationship of each of these important financial securities. We take a “systems approach” to achieving your financial goals and work strictly on a Fee-Only, Fiduciary Basis. 

The Fiduciary Difference

You may have heard someone reference that Broussard Financial Group is a fiduciary. What does that mean? A fiduciary is required, by law, to always act in the best interest of the client. They must always operate in an objective, unbiased manner and eliminate or disclose any conflicts of interest.

Client-Centered, Client-First

As a Fee Only planner, we receive no compensation from any product recommended. We do not represent any product or company; we only represent you, the client. Our compensation comes only from the fees paid by our clients. We NEVER accept commissions, trails, cross- selling fees, referral fee arrangements, kickbacks, surrender fees, sales contests, “educational cruises” and vacations, or “free” gifts.

Unbiased Advice

Because Fee Only planners have no monetary interest in your purchase or investment decision, you do not have to wonder if the recommendations offered are being influenced by commissions or other forms of vendor-paid compensation. Because there are no third-party influences to color the financial and investment recommendations rendered, Fee Only planners can concentrate on providing the highest level of personalized service and offer professional, independent, unbiased advice.

Our initial base financial planning fee is $3,000, where you will then undergo the Three Step Planning Process. Upon concluding the Three Step Process, you will then decide whether to implement the plan yourself or use our firm for implementation. We will then move ahead with the next appropriate action. Please feel free to contact us for any further inquiry.


Broussard Financial Group, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor, registered in the State of Louisiana and specializes in providing objective financial planning to help clients build, manage, grow, and protect their assets through life’s transitions. As a financial planner in Lafayette, LA our specialty is providing unique solutions for retirement and various other investments, in the areas of financial planning, asset management, wealth advisory, and strategic tax planning.

Jerry Broussard founded Broussard Financial Group in 2002. Prior to opening up his own firm, Jerry began his financial career with New York Life selling life insurance in 1982. He always had a passion for working with numbers, so a couple of years later, New York Life began to offer mutual funds and other investments. He was motivated to help clients solve their retirement problems by using mathematical designed portfolios and financial plans.

He began to study for a certified financial planner designation, where he learned a lot about what makes a successful financial plan along with the science behind the probabilities of that success. He soon became a certified financial planner, when suddenly, life threw him an unexpected curve ball- his father found out he had cancer, and in 2000, began a long hard battle against the terrible disease. Jerry began to think, “What if something like this happened to me? How would I want my wife, Lisa to handle our finances? Who should she work with to come up with these decisions?”

Immediately, Jerry was inspired, and the answer was clear: he would want her to work with a Fee- Only financial planner, someone who would put the client’s interest above their own. So, in 2002, Jerry took a leap of faith and opened up his own practice, where shortly after he became a NAPFA Registered Fee- Only financial planner.

Today, small business owners, retirees, and those planning on retiring, turn to Broussard Financial Group with their life savings. According to Jerry, “We may not be the largest firm on Wall Street, but when you become a client of ours, you become part of our family, and we treat you that way.”




President / Certified Financial Planner®

Jerry Broussard founded Broussard Financial Group from a desire to create an environment in which to establish long- term partnerships with clients. Through discussions with clients, he realized there was a need for a firm that measured the success of the business by the success of the client. Thus, Jerry developed a firm, focused on understanding the aspirations and dreams of each of his clients.

Jerry graduated from the University of Louisiana Lafayette in 1982 with a degree in Finance. He began his finance career immediately, by working with New York Life, where he worked as an agent and registered representative for 21 years. He then began studying for a certified financial planner designation, where he shortly after opened up his own financial firm, Broussard Financial Group, LLC.

Jerry works with each of his clients to help meet their financial goals. He prides his practice on developing strong relationships with each of his clients. To him, family is first, and he treats each of his clients as apart of his family.



Office Manager

Tomika is the office manager and service assistant at Broussard Financial Group. She is responsible for client account establishment, and client maintenance. She schedules client appointments, handles all client services, and keeps the office running smoothly. Anyone contacting the office will soon find out that Tomika is terrific in organizational effectiveness, and is very detail oriented.



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